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Alas, Allah

Alas, Jesus, alas,

alas Allah, alas Mohammed, 

love attention

to small laws

holy words

and love translations,

like a taxi

driver lost 

in profane visions

and misinterpretations

of lost directions. 

Lucky you.

Luck you too.


I found  

the necessity

to leave home

to make a fall,

off a Western Wall

and golden rock

inches from all

and the ceilings

of sacred domes

that always seem

to need scaffolds, 

craned necks

with cameras hanging

and scuffle of feet

on scuffed floors

more real than



frozen in stone.


Allah ol’ Judea

Jesus, serious Syria

Mohammed inside

India, Christ's in

Kodiak, Alaska

Allah's in steel country

Bloomington Indiana.

The fires of furnaces,

Mary mother of

Guatamalan sewers,

the faces of

desire in girls

in sinful skin

and fantastic

Catholic secrets 

in the Buddha. 


Jesus, alas, alas Allah,

alas Mohammed, 

love’s attention

to small laws

over city gates

with territorial guards.

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