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Almost Like Having You Here

The dog and I would sleep in,

but you would bark at the door,

You said I’d never be nothin,

but I never tried for too much more.


Our house rose up from the falls,

you know how much this life takes,

The neighbors had paper walls,

some blessings are bad breaks.



well, I’m  nursin’ a summer beer

and you still owe me a few,

I’m so miserable without you

it’s almost like having you here.


we had a drunkin’ time in Dallas,

we raged on the ocean pier,

we thought there was an us,

but it was just another long damn year.




You have your life in Tuscon,

I got mine in Tennessee,

The prairie’s a hidden plain,

you took enough time from me.



NOTE: Wrote this with no knowledge of Gene Watson's version. Ain't nothing new under the sun, Johnnie Dun. 

NOTE 2: And of course the internet made dumb memes too. Sigh. Dun 4. 

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