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Amber, Out Back

She spent the late shift

Workin’ the bottomless pit

Afterwards I’d give her a lift,

And we’d smoke out back a bit.

Her father left her down

In Philly one Sunday

Said he had to go underground,

to straighten up and veer away.


Amber was an arrowhead sharpened,

From a boy's life you can’t remember.

She always knew what happened, 

but I'm just a lost dream of Amber.

Her next deal came down too short,

The sky came up a little too mean,

She thought, Dyin’s a streetlight sport,

And hard love goes down unseen.

We would hang out back of Dawn’s,

And talk about sleepy things we feel,

The dumpsters green, like heavy yawns, 

she saw through little thin ideals.


She said, You have a lot to learn,

Like you wait all night at the station,

and that time is for a man to understand

how to swallow down his satisfaction.

Her nervous legs didn’t like bad advice,

And her fists held were hard to hold,

Her smart mouth hated to listen,

But her black eyes always told.


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