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The Booth You're Stuck In

when it’s late at night

your love looks at you

and says, It’s all gone,

you got to light out 

and love on.


late at night

on a canyon rim,

old time sways,

you got to go down

and love on.

Old Towne at night

and the bar is dark

Jimmy’s always right

and the bar is oak,

and the booth your stuck in

ain’t got no light,

have to light up,

and love on.

When they bulldoze your town

come round to find you,

pink slips comin’ down

developments just grew,

until you’re on the ground

and love on.

hawkers break you down,

they tell you their news,

TV massacres,

backroom blues,

you got to quiet down,

and love on.

your mother dies,

she don’t know your name

your father dies,

says it’s all the same,

when your child flies,

just find a new game,

and love on.

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