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CAN YOU FIND REDEMPTION IN A CORRUPT WORLD? -- That’s the question for Callie Byrne, a street savvy, ex-Army Iraq vet recently out of drug rehab for heroin addiction, trying to reignite her life and regain custody of her son. Bartending in Philadelphia when a friend gets entangled with her ex-dealer, Callie must navigate the underground world of drug and sex trafficking between the jungles of Guatemala and a shady Manhattan leather import business. Backstrap is a morally complex tale of the ordinary and harrowing decisions that define the lives of two young women connected across America’s borders and struggling with their own guilty pasts, dreams of new life, and the acts of sacrifice required of them. 

Paperback directly from Johnnie Dun, complete with scrawled note with poor penmanship but friendly, timeless message for friends and family. 


"BACKSTRAP is a compelling tale, and it is an achievement of author Johnnie Dun that he is able to present damaged characters in a way that somehow make readers root for them. Without being maudlin, Dun shows characters that can redeem themselves after hitting rock bottom."

--Indie Reader (5 stars)

"I liked the story! But there were too many F words. I don't like books with too many F words." 

--Johnnie's Mother

"Well, the first thing I would say is that the title on the cover is hard to read." 

--Helpful Maine mystery author, at Crime Bake 2016 cocktail reception, Boston, MA. 

"I think BACKSTRAP could be a Netflix series!" 

--Supportive best friend 

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