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What can we say that we haven't already about Johnnie Dun? Everything. All the fits are news. Like a blood diamond, all the sad earth is compacted here. His not-books are like unfair trade in reverse.  

L.M. Moosenthawler, The New York Times

Like your own birth, you can't help but continue. 

The Bluffington Portal

Put the mess down as soon as humanly possible, and apply for a position with Stallmart. The idea of words being free couldn't be more dangerous. 

Ethos Money

If you believe the Pope and Raytheon Corporation are both full of ancient Flibbity-Jibbit, then the jeremiads of Johnnie Dun will set your soul on an interior path of Willy-Nilly Wiles, maybe even Socratic Scruples. 

Coughy House Press

Thank you for your editorial test on dental floss. We will contact you if interested in the future. 

Rodale Press

Sometimes you talk too much when making your points. I would work next year on your communication skills. 

VP, Global Marketing


I liked the story! But there were too many F words. I don't like books with too many F words. 

​Johnnie's Mother

The first thing I would say is that the title on the cover is hard to read.

Helpful Maine mystery author, at Crime Bake 2016 cocktail reception, Boston, MA. 

"So you're publishing with dignity.

That's the idea, I said, but I don't think that's possible.'" 

Crime Bake 2016, Boston, MA. 

Don't have one yet, been meaning to order it but I'm a slacker. 

Johnnie's closest friend of multiple decades.  

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