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America the Greatiful

O greatiful for rapacious guys, 
For orange haired waves of stain, 
For purple mountain travesties, 
Above my suited vain! 
A-meri-ca, A-meri-ca, 
God led our race to Me! 
And they crown Me good 

with Whitemanhood 
From Hillary to Winning Me! 

O I win for you to win, 

And the rest I don't care about. 

America. Spectacular.

--from a Plaza Oak Bar napkin of Donald J. Trump, July 17, 2016, while contemplating his forthcoming nomination this week. Recovered by members of his family who were trailing him at the time. Then passed to an archivist in Trump Tower, who leaked it to his cousin, Joey, a failing novelist in Park Slope, who texted it over to Johnnie Dun. 

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